editors4you.com: Editing services with the personal touch

At editors4you.com, our business is small and our service is personal. We like this. What does it mean to you?

  • We tailor our service to you as an individual
  • We’re not a ‘one size fits all’ enterprise
  • We do tailored quotations, not widget or automated pricing
  • We know it can be intimidating to ask for a quote, so we make it easy for you and offer a no-obligation quotation
  • We offer a sample edit on up to 2,000 words of your writing for a small fee. If you then commission us to do your edit, we will deduct the sample edit fee from your invoice. Sometimes we do the sample edit for free!

While our business is small, our experience and areas of expertise are wide-ranging. This means we are able to offer services similar to those offered by ‘conglomerate’ editing companies – but with the personal touch.

Gail Tagarro of editors4you.com:

  • is a qualified Accredited Editor (AE) since 2008. She was one of the first cohort of AEs, the first professionally recognised qualification for editors in Australia and New Zealand
  • has around 30 years’ editing experience
  • is a qualified news journalist
  • holds a Master of Arts Linguistics (First Class Hons)
  • has 15 years’ experience as a technical writer
  • has worked with words throughout her career – and loves it
  • has worked extensively in the publishing industry, with wide-ranging editing experience across all genres, fiction and non-fiction
  • is a professional writer, in both fiction and non-fiction.

Excuse me…what can we do for you?


Words edited in red ink

Copy editing always included

A copy edit suits authors or writers who want their manuscript or document to be error-free, but who need only minimal editorial input to the style and structure. Ask about our no-obligation sample edit. Why use editors4you.com, professional book editors Brisbane, for copy editing? Read more…


Structural editing, also known as comprehensive or substantive editing, provides you with a comprehensive edit of your book where greater intervention is required than that provided by a copy edit – the good news is that the structural editing service of editors4you.com also incorporates a copy edit. Our editors correct sentence structure and sentence order to improve the clarity and flow of your writing, and remove superfluous wording. We offer advice on the style aspects of your writing, make suggestions for further development, address any inconsistencies, and even carry out research to ensure the accuracy of basic facts and names. Ask about our no-obligation sample edit. Why use editors4you.com, professional book editors Brisbane, for structural editing? Read more…


Our proofreading service gives you the confidence of knowing your writing is error-free and your message is effective and clear. We proofread books, business documents, website content … just ask, and we’ll be able to do it for you.

For writers and authors who’ve sent their books to a designer for professional layout (highly recommended), we proofread the proof copy you receive for checking from the designer before you publish. This is a vital step. Errors, sometimes many, can enter the manuscript at the design stage, many of them related to the formatting and layout, but new copy editing errors can also creep in if the designer’s had to manually regenerate text – in a table of contents, for example. Read more about proofreading…


We call this service ‘mini ghost writing’ and it’s something we love doing! Have you become stuck in your writing? Are you experiencing writer’s block? If you find it impossible to continue writing, engage editors4you.com, and our writing professionals will ‘unblock’ you and reopen those creative channels. We are always mindful of retaining your author’s voice. Why use editors4you.com for manuscript development? Ask about our service.


A manuscript appraisal – also called a manuscript assessment or manuscript critique – is an in-depth review of your entire manuscript. Imagine how valuable it would be to receive a professional and objective viewpoint on your manuscript. As the author of your work, you will become so close to your writing that you can no longer see the proverbial wood for the trees. editors4you.com point out the strengths of your writing and areas for improvement. Our manuscript appraisal service includes a comprehensive report for you to keep. This may consider the commercial viability of the manuscript. What are you waiting for! Enquire now. Why use editors4you.com for a manuscript appraisal? Read more…

Read what our clients say about us on the Testimonials page.

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